I am filling in on keys with the Edge of Reality Band. An Elvis

tribute backing band who plays behind many Elvis acts. The top to videos are with Jeff Caldwell, Elvis tribute artist. The bottom two videos Don Stevenson and Andrew Stroutenborough on drums. We called ourselves the ERB Duo for the evening...

(See credits at bottom of page)

Tryin to Get to You

Mystery Train

Edge of Reality Band

Jeff Caldwell - Elvis

Steve Larico - Bass, Voclas

Scott Moretto - Guitar, Vocals

John Baker - Rhythm Guitar

Morgan Hatch - MC, Rhythm Guitar

Andrew Stoutenborough - Drums

Don Stevenson - Keyboards

Bernie Brekrus Background Vocals- Baritone

Tania Harra - Background Vocals

Connie Kovach - Background Vocals

Kim Dowd - Background Vocals

Rikki Don’t Lose That Number

That I’ll be the Day